Yoga On Icy Alps: India To Offer Classes During Davos Summit

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In the latest high-profile attempt to promote Indian traditions abroad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s delegation to the World Economic Forum at Davos will offer yoga classes on the icy slopes, the foreign ministry said on Friday.

With this initiative, PM Modi’s delegation aims to showcase India’s potential as a driver of global economic growth, after China, as well as its soft power, reflected in the popularity of yoga as well as its cuisine.

Two Indian yoga teachers will hold daily classes next week at the summit, which has attracted 70 heads of state and government, including U.S. President Donald Trump as well as celebrities, chief executives and top bankers.

PM Modi will be the first Indian prime minister to attend the WEF in 21 years, since when the economy has more than doubled to $2.3 trillion and become the world’s seventh largest.

“We are showcasing various achievements, we will also give a taste of Indian cuisine, a taste of culture and heritage,” Ramesh Abhishek, heads of the department of industrial policy and promotion, told reporters.

“Two yoga experts are going from here. We have arranged that. We are offering a facility for doing yoga in the Alps.”

PM Modi will be in Davos only for a day but will meet the heads and top officials of about 60 companies, Mr Abhishek said, adding that these included Airbus, Hitachi, IBM, BAE Systems and the Carlyle Group.

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